Incomparable: Miata MX-5 vs S2000

MX-5 vs S2000

The comparison between the Honda S2000 and the Mazda MX-5 is one frequently made by car enthusiasts. It is very easy for people to be dismissive on the basis of technical specifications and performance data. However, numbers can’t quite do either car justice. Both of them possess unique qualities which are difficult to describe. A more relatable comparison to the two vehicles can be made metaphorically by referencing nature. The S2000 is a bird while the Miata is a butterfly.

Miata VS S2000

The bird is constantly focused on the mechanics of flight while the butterfly is inherently more ethereal. The genteel flaps of the butterfly’s wings give it time to float and dance in the air…while the bird wields the air to its will. Yet, as deliberate as the bird is, it manages to miss some of the nuance of flight. Direction changes aren’t as effortless…its accuracy omits some of the moments the butterfly ponders. In contrast, leaping and bounding over molecules of air renders the butterfly a student of its environment. While the bird is a seasoned and trained professional. In making this comparison, it’s important to realize the humility of the butterfly. Quite simply, it wasn’t born to fly. In fact, its evolution to flight originates from its determination to live a mindful and observant existence without wings. It had to slowly traverse each pebble and leaf. The caterpillar squinted to see diffused sunlight through the same semi-translucent leaves that the bird stomped without regard.

ND Miata vs S2000

Photo © 8000vueltas

These two machines were designed with similar capabilities, but completely different executions. The punchy and severe S2000 is powerful and precise, yet something is missed compared to the pensive MX-5. An S2000 will soar and sear over the streets with authority. It will gracefully disperse plumes of smoke into the atmosphere while shredding a disciplined arc across any curve. Yet, it will never crawl…it never had to. Since the S2000 was created and honed to be a fighter; its goals managed to truncate its sensibilities. Its ambition to overcome competitors rendered it slightly too impatient to observe its surroundings. On the other hand, the MX-5 is the butterfly. This is why the two vehicles cannot be compared.


  1. The S2000 is a marvel of engineering . It has double wishbone at all four corners cross bracing and one of the highest output naturally aspirated engines ever made . With model panels removed you'd think you were looking at an F1 . It handles incredibly , it has Dr. Jeckle Mr. Hyde persona as when V-tec engages it's personality changes dramatically . The sound of the engine when it reaches red line is incredible . Love the S2K ! I also think the Mazda is a fine car but bird to butterfly ?

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