Top 10 Miata Argument Enders

Top 10 Miata Argument Enders

1) It’s a not a man’s car. Or it’s a fill in the blank_____________s car: Frankly put, the Miata isn’t any specific demographic’s car. With over a million sold, the cars have irrefutably been owned by every quantifiable type of driver. This argument is invalid. If it isn’t, just attempt to prove its validity.

Mazda MX-5 Miata 20th Anniversary Meet

Mazda MX-5 Miata 20th Anniversary Meet 2009 – [Source: Mazda]

2) It’s slow/It’s not a real sport car: The Miata is, in fact, the very definition of a sports car. The origins of the sports car was the roadster and the MX-5 is the most successful iteration of it. The speed capabilities of the car are subjective and unrelated to its capabilities as a well-rounded sporting vehicle.

3) It’s too small/impractical: It’s reasonable to compare the Miata to a motorcycle in terms of practicality. It’s perfectly practical for its purpose—spirited driving. It doesn’t necessarily have to serve as a primary vehicle, but its practicality can be improved with trunk racks, soft luggage, etc. Perhaps the car’s ability to provide driving satisfaction is more important than hauling around unnecessary mass/cargo volume until its occasionally needed. Also, aren’t larger rental cars, trucks and RVs available for more “ambitious” vehicular endeavours?

Practical Miata


4) Not powerful enough: Powerful enough for what exactly? This statement could be diffused solely based on the definition of “sociopath”. If a person unreasonably craves more power than deemed adequate by over a million people…it may be time for a therapist. However, an engine swap and/or forced induction are also options.

5) It doesn’t look good/appealing: If this is the argument, it’s simply a matter of evaluating/broadening ones aesthetic taste. The visual design of the car is subjective and is secondary to its engineering design. The car will become more beautiful with each invigorating drive.

6) Don’t like convertibles: This is easily remedied with a hardtop installation. However, it may actually be impossible to dislike a convertible for 365 days consecutively.

Miata Hardtop

[source: Maverik Corner]

7) Can’t drive manual transmission vehicles: Fortunately, the Miata was offered in manual and automatic versions. It’s relatively easy to find a suitable car in either configuration with automatics usually available for lower prices.

8) Only like domestic vehicles from current country of residence: If the prospective MX-5 owner resides in Japan this is great. However, if not, it’s important to mature beyond xenophobic insecurities in all forms…particularly as it pertains to vehicles. Millions of cars from Japan have helped to build international economies in nothing short of one of the greatest diplomatic acts of all time: simply providing reliable transportation to the masses. Of course exemplary examples of Japanese sports cars have also raised the bar of performance, reliability and build quality in a segment previously littered with subpar offerings.

Passenger seat: Bob Hall Driver’s seat: Tom Matano

Passenger seat: Bob Hall Driver’s seat: Tom Matano [Source: ]

9) Outdated: Most would consider the design of the Miata to be timeless. Generally, when people refer to something as being outdated it usually insinuates that xyz item/product lacks or features obsolete technology or aesthetic qualities. Flip up headlights can be replaced by flush-mounted units, stereo units and seats can be replaced. There are also numerous body kits and modification options available on the market…why limit one’s creativity? In actuality, the Miata’s minimalist approach is exactly what timeless cars typically feature. A 1932 Ford manages to still be appealing 84 years after its production for those exact reasons.

10) Current car is “better” than the Miata: The contested car is better on what grounds exactly? Fundamentally, not much separates a majority of street-driven vehicles from an engineering standpoint. Most cars offer four suspended wheels, some sort of drivetrain, a chassis and means to control it. The Miata provides the ability to enjoy each of these mechanical necessities as an orchestra of mental and physical stimulation. Enjoy driving as an act of performance art…Jinba ittai, perhaps.

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