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Annaïs Moyà Garsaball
5 out of 5

Annaïs Moyà Garsaball
5 out of 5

Oskar Staaf
4 out of 5

No instructions provided - I was not able to locate a link to any on the TopMiata or the Jass Performance site. So on my first attempt, I followed the non illuminated panel instructions that I did find on Jass Performance - the basic tasks to remove the console & tombstone are well known & documented (and not that difficult) - but following the non illuminated panel instructions meant I just positioned it over the original heater panel (which resulted in very little illumination (not good) - and I scratched the panel when I re-installed and moved the slide levers! - on my 2nd attempt, I removed the original heater panel - got a lot more illumination and the slide lever clearance is now better - but I still don't have illumination for the fan speed & A/C on indicators - and have a little too much light coming in through the open areas of the slide paths. I saw in the TopMiata Product Description that " The light distributor of the original panel should be reused for the backlightning of the fan knob readings." ~ I'll have to figure out exactly what that means when I go back in for my 3rd attempt. The Panel does look great (and I hope to get full illumination soon) - but if I had been provided with some specific instructions when I got the Panel - I believe I would have avoided scratching of the Panel (does anyone have a recommended method for getting those out?) and properly installed it the first time.