Jass Performance Low Profile Headlights VS Flush Headlights Conversion

Jass Performance Low Profile Headlights VS Flush Headlights Conversion

Headlights are your eyes on the road, but more than that, they show off your car’s personality. Depending on their design and features, headlights can make your car look sportier or more elegant, and it all depends on the message that you decide to send. For those of you who are still undecided on what type of look you want your Mazda to wear, here is a comparison between two different sets of headlights. The goal is to show you all the specs and features of these headlights and compare them to one another so that you can make an informed decision in the end.

Specs and features
Jass Performance Low Profile headlights

  • Integrated high/low beam Hella Headlights
  • Available for LHD and RHD
  • 9cm headlight lid lift, vs. 30 with the OEM headlights
  • Optimized aerodynamics
  • Weight – no added weight to the OEM setup due to lighter headlight units
  • Very good light output
  • Uses H4 bulbs

Jass Performance Stealth (Flush) NA / MK1 Headlights

  • Integrated design
  • Optimal light output
  • Perfect fit with minimal (less than OEM) tolerances
  • Straight fit
  • Lightweight – 5.3kg weight saving vs. OEM setup
  • Long lasting coating (scratch, UV resistant)
  • Reuse of OEM bonnet support rod
  • Optional Cold Engine Side Air Intake kit
  • Uses H4 bulbs

When it comes to specifications and features that these two sets come with, we can notice a mild advantage on the side of Flush headlights. The reason for this lies in what Jass Performance Stealth (Flush) headlights bring to the table. It’s easier to install, and it allows a perfect fit even for those cars that have seen some damage over time. Both options significantly improve car’s aerodynamics, which means your top speed increases. However, the Flush version holds the upper hand in this area, mainly thanks to its design.

As far as the design is concerned, both headlights make your car look a bit sportier. Low Profile set gives your car some sharpness, with only 9cm of maximum lift but still providing optimal visibility. On the other hand, Flush option makes your Miata seem like a different car altogether. You will always be able to see your headlights, as they don’t retract but stay in a fixed position. These headlights are exposed to weather and other influences all the time, but with its UV and scratch protection, your Jass Performance Stealth (Flush) headlights are safe.

Installation process

Installing upgrades on your car can sometimes be a tiresome process, especially if you don’t have a good manual. Rest assured that both of Low Profile and Flush headlights come with a detailed manual that makes the installation process a child’s play. Still, there are significant differences when it comes to installing these two sets.

Jass Performance Low Profile headlights are installed with ease and just some minor adjustments. These headlights are installed on the stock frame, with the only make two 6mm holes to the the OEM frame. The rest is bolt on installation, with final adjustment of the headlights. You will need some simple tools, and a couple of hours in order to install these headlights.

As for the Flush headlights, they are designed in such a way that you can install them with ease and cut some weight, making your car a bit lighter. These headlights are fully adjustable to adapt to modified cars or even cars with experienced damage in the past. In order to install these headlights, you need to remove the OEM framing (held with 3 nuts) and assemble the new frame with headlight and shell, plus the water expansion tank relocation if needed. The flush headlights are having slight advantage in terms of ease of installation.


As we could see, both options carry a significant value and change the look of your car for the better. They make your car look sportier and improve the visibility at night, which is very important. We could say that Flush option is in a smaller advantage because it reduces your car’s weight and performance option it provides – cold side air intake. Which one you decide to install on your Miata, well, that’s entirely up to you now. Nevertheless, make sure to let us know in the comments.

(Special thanks to Vlad from Jass Performance for editing this post and to Chris Hoodedreeper Baker for these great shots of his “purple monster”)

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