Mazda Miata Mods for Less Than $100

If you are looking for Mazda Miata mods that are priced under $100, you are at the right place! It’s really enjoyable to perform modifications to your car, whatever type it is. The Miata is a roadster that has been available for production since 1989. It has been exposed to multiple adjustments over the years in order to achieve peak efficiency and handling. Even though some performance modifications are indeed prohibitively expensive, we’ve somehow come up with a list of 10 Mazda Miata mods that cost less than $100.

1. Miata mods – LED headlamp conversion

Jass Performance Ultra Bright LED Lights Set for NC

Ultra Bright LED Lights Set

It is critical to be able to see clearly at night when driving. Fortunately, LED headlights are now standard on many new cars but if you currently own an older vehicle with dim halogen bulbs, a LED headlight modification could be a significant upgrade. We believe we have found and tested the brightest LED low energy bulbs that can be used as a direct replacement for OEM incandescent bulbs. They instantly improved the early NC’s dated OEM appearance while also providing significantly more light output. Our store sells a variety of LED replacement parts for a wide range of purposes for less than $100.

  • LED bulbs have a 15-times longer life than halogen bulbs.
  • LED lights are energy-efficient, shockproof, and vibration-resistant. That means they’re extremely durable.

2. Miata mods – Engine torque damper

Jass Performance Engine Torque Damper for NA & NB 1.6

Engine Torque Damper

An engine torque damper is a mini shock absorber, mounted on the brackets that connect the engine to the chassis. They are simply rubber buffers, surrounded by a tube, that absorb engine vibration or movement.

Advantages are:

  • Reduces engine vibrations.
  • Enhances gear shifting
  • Reduces rattling noise

3. Gear Shift Knob for NA/NB/NC

Jass Performance Gear Shift Knob Type R Style

Gear Shift Knob Type R Style

Aluminum gear shift knob, designed specifically for the Mazda MX-5 Miata for correct functioning and perfect design fit. The Classic MX-5 knob is an inch longer than the standard one, providing a more accurate shift feel.

It is compact and solid in the hand, with a 50-mm diameter.  It will completely blend in, covering the leather gaiter precisely at the right height. Installing the knob is as simple as unscrewing or screwing the original knob and replacing it with the Jass Performance one.

4. Miata mods – Shifter Extender

I you want your hand closer to the shifter you may consider installing this mod. Shifter extender is designed to fully integrate between the knob and the gaiter on the MX-5/Miata.

  • Extender reduces the distance between the wheel and the shifter.
  • 36.0039.60
    Sold By: TopMiata
  • 27.6032.50
    Sold By: TopMiata
  • 67.00
    Sold By: TopMiata
  • 36.0039.60
    Sold By: TopMiata

5. Hand Brake Handle in Aluminum for NA/NB/NC

Ergonomic aluminum handbrake handle for the Miata ensures functional integrity and a perfect design fit. Its finish will suit the soft – touch interior and aluminum gear knobs perfectly. The hand brake handle is very easy to install and works great with the Jass Performance drift button.

6. Miata mods – Front Tow Hook

Front Tow Hook Dural

Front Tow Hook Dural

The front tow hooks are being used to pull your car out if your vehicle is stuck or disabled and you have someone willing to help you. This tow hook kit replaces the heavy and likely rusted stock one and adds a gentle, shiny change on the front end of your NA or NB. It is CNC-fabricated from solid dual-alloy and is intended to tow the car. The diameter of the tow eyes is 50mm. It is slightly lighter than stock, weighing only 340 grams. You can choose between red and black powder coating.

7.  Stainless Radio Cage NA / MK1

Following in the footsteps of the brushed stainless steel designs, the custom panel now incorporates the controls, gauges, and radio. This version is compatible with radios with detachable panels as well as MK1 models. Check out our radio cage here.

  • It gives the center stack a truly integrated and finished appearance, especially with the stainless HVAC panel.
  • 54.00
    Sold By: TopMiata
  • 116.00
    Sold By: TopMiata
  • 46.00
    Sold By: TopMiata
  • 47.00
    Sold By: TopMiata

8. Miata mods – License Plate Bracket

License plate bracket is intended to fit the smaller 44 style number plates on the MX-5 NC resulting with a quick and clean front appearance changes.

  • Intended for MX-5 NC/MK3, made from aluminum, powder coated in restraint black.
  • Lightweight with variable number plate bolt distance from 130-190mm.
  • It includes a securing kit for attaching to the tow hook.

9. Door Bushings

Delrin Door Bushings for Miata

Delrin Door Bushings

We all absolutely love the Miata, but when it comes to rigidity, it’s got lot going against it. Because it is a two-door convertible, the middle section is supported by the doors and is subjected to considerable pressure. The thick rubber door bushings are an obvious solution to the problem. Installing these bushings will only take a few minutes, and the outcome will be evident the very first moment you shut the door. Our newly developed Carbon Miata Delrin door bushings will eliminate rattle and squeak from your Miata doors.

  • Stiffen your ride with this simple solution!
  • Fits all Miata generations 1990-2016 NA, NB, NC and ND MX-5.
  • NC high precision machined items supplied with the needed SS screws.
  • 10 minutes installation.

10. Miata mods – Sun Visor Camera

The sun visor camera mount is designed to offer the best viewpoint for your recordings and is installed with a special sun visor replacement plug.

  • Record your drive using the front windshield or even behind the cars.


A Miata can be transformed into almost anything. Do you want a track missile with a turbocharger? You can have it. Neo-Cobra with a V-8 engine? You could have it. Convertible off-road? No problem.
The possibilities for customization are limitless but it all comes down to how much money you have and how much you’re willing to invest! No matter what, we are sure that your Miata is going to like it. Good luck with your modifications! Until next time, Enjoy driving and working on your roadster!

To help you take your Miata to the next level, TopMiata offers a variety of Miata mods and performance improvements. We provide the best discounts and deals! Get out there and start modding your Mazda Miata as soon as possible!





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