CocoMats Miata MX-5 Checkered Floor Mats for NB (Set of 2)



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Custom Made Mazda MX-5 floor mats Hand Crafted to the NB Mk2 second Miata Generation. Each mat is tailor-made for Quality and Style.

  • Top-end textiles.
  • Rip Proof Vinyl Fabric Edging: High quality leather like vinyl edging in complementary colors to enhance and protect the sides of our cocomats.
  • Signature Rubber Heel Pad: Specially design for quality and function. Our Signature Rubber Heel Pad will keep you feet in place, while preventing damage to the matting.
  • Tight Woven Coir Matting: Top grade Anjengo yarn that has been spun to our stringent specifications. With a tighter weave our mats last longer and keep quality.
  • 1/8″ Natural Rubber with Nibbed Bottom: Our signature heavy rubber bottom molds to your floor while the soft nibs prevent the mat from moving.
  • Hand Made To Order.
  • Guaranteed Custom Fit.

Every car is different. That’s why we have custom made every Mazda Miata floor mat to fit your car perfectly. This means us going through every MX-5 model, hands and knees, to ensure our template is correct.

Introduced in the 1960’s as a factory accessory for BMW’s 2002, 2800 and 3.0 Models, Checkered Car Mats arrived during BMW’s “Campaign of Colors”. Currently the Checker weave has found popularity with the modern JDM Tuner Cars due to their vibrant colors and history. Offered in Seven (7) original color combinations, Checkers Auto Mats are made from 100% sisal, a natural fibre.

Made in USA

Price is per a set of 2 floor mats

Available in 7 colours:

Virtual Swatch:

Shipped Worldwide by UPS / FedEx from South Carolina, USA.


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CocoMats Miata MX-5 NB Checkered Floor Mats

CocoMats Miata MX-5 Checkered Floor Mats for NB (Set of 2)


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