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Miata hardtop brackets (rear, front, and side) for securing your OEM hard top

Miata hardtop brackets offer a tight fix of the hard top to the car body, reducing body twist and giving you a coupe-like feeling. Put an end to your concern over your hardtop‘ safety. Direct fit brackets are sturdy and offer a security fastener option as an alternative.

No more chattering, wind noises, or cracks in the windshield.

Laser cut from 4 mm steel, pre-bent, and powder coated, they will directly fit with or without interior trim. No cutting or adapting is needed!
The strong metal-to-metal connection between the hardtop and the car chassis does not lie on plastic trim! Designed to hold the interior trims together, similar to the Mazda brackets.
As an added value, they will save more than 2 kg compared to the stock latches (for the full set).

Quick installation notes:

As all hardtops at this age vary in shape, the Jass Miata hardtop brackets will settle to the hardtop after first installation. It is recommended to follow this procedure for the best result:
– install the brackets on the hardtop first (3 bolts) and loosen
– center the brackets at the frames with the 2 larger bolts.
– tighten the 3 hardtop bolts
– push the hardtop into position using one of these techniques:

a) A second person pushes the hardtop to the front for the front ones and down for the rear ones;
b) The C-clamp method (see the attached picture);
c) Using the OEM clamp on one front side while tightening the other. This method requires a definite reinstallation after the brackets are settled.
Fix the one large bolt, then the next, and back to the first, until they are both tight. Do this for all brackets.
They will settle into this position quite quickly (20–30 km/h). If wind noise is present, reinstall the front ones in their new front-most position (the rear ones should be removed to allow further adjustment to the font).

Very important notes to exclude further possible noises before the hardtop bracket installation:

-Make sure the legs, centered over the Frankenstein bolts, have their full rubber insulation underneath. Damaged or missing insulation causes knocking noises at the rear.
-Please make sure the rubber hardtop seal at the rear is greased with some silicon to prevent rubbing noises on the chassis.

The fitting kit is optional and should be added to the order only if needed; the OEM bolts can be reused. You can also order the security fitting kit.

Shipped Worldwide from Europe (Spain, Bulgaria or the United Kingdom, depending on customer location).

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  1. 09

    Aaron (verified owner)

    Solid brackets, thick coating looks like it will take some light abuse without scuffing. Hardware looks powdercoated not painted with the same material, but it has no effect on threading etc. Everything lined up great with the factory holes. The hardtop sides of the bracket (3 holes) are drilled slightly elongated side to side allowing perfect fitment while the Chassis side (2 holes) are elongated up and down to allow you to push/pull the hardtop snug before fully tightening the bolts. I’d suggest ordering the fitting kit or buying stainless hardware vice reusing the factory bolts as the top latches use red/blue locktite and may have stripped heads after removing them. Be sure to clean the threads before mounting them.

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  2. 09

    Karousos Dimitris (verified owner) (store manager)

    Received about a month ago to replace the middle stock brackets.Pretty solid brackets indeed,makes my roll bar fit just nice,and the seat belt no longer stucks on the stock hard top brackets 🙂

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  3. 09

    Paul Haselton

    If you have a hardtop on your NA/NB, you NEED to buy these brackets. I promise it is money very well spent. Since installing these, my MX5 feels noticeable stiffer, inspires more confidence in the corners and no longer makes horrible clunking and rattling noises on poor road surfaces.

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  4. 09

    Tommaso (verified owner)

    Great product, have fitted it in a couple of hours, besides removing the cracks and noises of the stock hardtop brackets it really changes the chassis feeling and driveability of the car. Really advised

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  5. 09

    Walter Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Really good quality and when you put them on a go for a drive you feel like the top dosen’t move and the best part of all that the noise stops

    Image #1 from Walter Rodriguez
    Image #2 from Walter Rodriguez
    Image #3 from Walter Rodriguez
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  6. 09

    Frederic Falciola (verified owner)

    Top quality and fit

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  7. 09

    George W. (verified owner)

    Quality product, good delivery time.

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  8. 09

    Drake M. (verified owner)

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  9. 09

    Magnus Bjerkaker (verified owner)

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