Jass Performance 56mm (2.2″) Seat Lowering Adapters for ND/NDRF



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For tall drivers, you can achieve an unbelievable 56mm (2.2 inches) seat drop, while offering relatively easy and possible to do at home installation. This drop allows you to drive the ND Miata MX-5 at the price at fixed seat installation, which means it won’t slide. However, three positions are predefined with 25mm offset between them, which vary for drivers with long legs/shorter torso or the opposite.

The features are listed in short below:

  • 56mm (2.2″) seat drop
  • 3 positions for drivers with long legs or long torso
  • Fixed mounts, the seat wont slide once fixed.
  • No seat modifications – fully reversible setup
  • No cutting, trimming of the seats is involved
  • Lowest possible position of the OEM seat without seat modifications
  • The rear position goes further back than the OEM slider position
  • LHD/RHD versions available
  • Ergonomic seating position considered

Please note – the version currently available is for all seats, except the optional Recaro model. Small modification should be made for them – please contact us to order them.

All installation hardware is provided, as well as installation manual.

Sold as a full kit per side (seat). You need two kits for both seats.

LHD (Left Hand Drive) = Cars with the steering wheel on the left side of the cabin. (configuration used in countries that drive on the right side of the road like USA, most of Europe and the rest of the world)

RHD (Right Hand Drive) = The steering wheel is on the ​right ​side of the car (a configuration more commonly used for cars in Japan, UK, Australia and some other parts of the world.)

Left Hand Drive (LHD) vs Right Hand Drive (RHD)

Shipped Worldwide from Europe (Spain, Bulgaria or the United Kingdom, depending on customer location).


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Jass Performance 56mm (2.2") Seat Lowering Adapters for ND/NDRF

Jass Performance 56mm (2.2") Seat Lowering Adapters for ND/NDRF


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