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These nicely crafted top mount spacers will lift the shock/spring assembly by 3mm or 8mm. The 3mm has effective lift of the arch (over the wheel) of 7.2mm and 18mm lift is expected to the car ride height for the 8mm version. Both options should work with strut braces. Being made from duralumin they are very strong, but lightweight.
You will need them, if you have coilovers or springs, that are too low, even in their highest position. The top mount spacers are the way to keep them by adding the mm’s missing to freely pass the speedbumps on the way home.

More layers can be used from the 3mm version to adjust the ride height to a needed level.

The installation does not involve removal of the shock/spring assembly, they can be just lowered for the spacers to be inserted.

Geometry adjustment will be needed however after their installation, as all angles are affected (rasing the car sets the camber closer to zero).

They are sold as pairs (for an axle), you will need to order 2 sets for all four corners.

We produce them in red powdercoated or raw aluminium, you will receive the option available at the moment.

Shipped Worldwide from Europe (Spain, Bulgaria or the United Kingdom, depending on customer location).


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Jass Performance Top Mount Spacers


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