AGR Fabrications steering rack spacers for NA


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Steering rack spacers to help correct bump steer for NA Miata (mx5 NA)

  • Must have mod for those tuned miata cars
  • With low offset wheels
  • Without power assisted steering
  • Cars with extended lower ball joints (with extended lower ball joints forces required for steering are much higher
  • All lowered cards will benefit from this mod
  • CNC precision machined out of billet Aluminium
  • Lowering your Mx-5 cause change in angle of tie rod which then cause the wheel to alter toe over bumps – this is called bump steer – wheels will steer slightly when going over bumps without driver input.
  • Not only lowering the car but running low offset wheels which will add positive scrub radius (from factory NA and NB were designed to run with offset of +45mm – we often put anything from 0 to +35 on those cars which greatly amplifies bumpsteer effect)

Adding spacers below steering rack corrects this angle and reduces bump steer. We decided to go with .5” or 12.7mm thickness as some rules in US restricts height of spacers to this size.

This kit will work with NA  steering rack and subframe only.

Kit for miata NB is available too as a separate listing.

It is absolutely necessary to perform alignment to the car after those are installed! Going without it will cause excessive toe out in front which will ruin your tires in no time!

Please make sure that bolt holes are free of any dirt and oil (use brake cleaner or other type of degreaser prior installation) and tighten to factory spec torque of 46-58 Nm (We like to stick with 45-50 Nm and small dab of medium strength threadlocker)

Customer shall check required clearance between steering rack and oil pan prior installation to be at least 18-20mm as engine will rock slightly on acceleration /deceleration. If engine is lower in this area, it might be caused by:

  • Worn engine mounts
  • Wrong PPF (Power Plant Frame) alignment – when PPF to gearbox is set to be too high, it will pivot front of the engine around engine mounts down. To fix this, PPF frame needs to be correctly adjusted as per manufacturer procedure.


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AGR Fabrications steering rack spacers for NA


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