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Miata Dashboard and Trim Care


The dashboard and trim of your Mazda Miata play a crucial role in enhancing the interior aesthetics and overall driving experience. However, they are also prone to dust, dirt, and sun damage. Proper care and maintenance are necessary to keep your Miata’s dashboard and trim looking clean and vibrant. In this article, we will discuss the importance of dashboard and trim care, provide a step-by-step guide on how to clean and protect them, and share essential tips to prevent damage.

Importance of Dashboard and Trim Care

Dashboard and trim care is essential for several reasons. First, regular cleaning helps remove dirt, dust, and debris that can accumulate on the surfaces. This not only keeps your Miata’s interior looking fresh but also prevents the buildup of allergens and potential health issues. Additionally, proper care and maintenance can help protect the dashboard and trim from sun damage, fading, and cracking, preserving their appearance and value over time.

Cleaning Supplies for Dashboard and Trim

Before you begin cleaning your Miata’s dashboard and trim, gather the following supplies:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Mild soap or dedicated interior cleaner
  • Water
  • Dashboard protectant or conditioner

Having these supplies ready will ensure a thorough and effective cleaning process.

Step-by-Step Guide for Dashboard and Trim Care

Follow these steps to clean and care for your Miata’s dashboard and trim:

Step 1: Remove Loose Debris

Start by using a soft bristle brush or a microfiber cloth to gently remove any loose debris, such as dust and dirt, from the dashboard and trim surfaces. Be careful not to scratch or damage the materials.

Step 2: Clean with Mild Soap and Water

Prepare a solution of mild soap or dedicated interior cleaner and water. Dampen a microfiber cloth with the solution and gently wipe the dashboard and trim surfaces, removing any remaining dirt or grime. Take care not to soak the cloth or apply excessive moisture to the surfaces.

Step 3: Apply a Protectant

Once the dashboard and trim surfaces are clean and dry, apply a dashboard protectant or conditioner. Use a clean microfiber cloth to apply a small amount of the product, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Spread it evenly across the surfaces, focusing on areas prone to sun exposure.

Step 4: Avoid Common Mistakes

When cleaning and caring for your Miata’s dashboard and trim, it’s essential to avoid common mistakes that could cause damage. Some common mistakes to avoid include:

  • Using abrasive materials: Avoid using harsh scrub brushes or abrasive cleaners that can scratch or damage the surfaces.
  • Using excessive moisture: Do not saturate the surfaces with water or cleaning solutions, as this can seep into electrical components and cause damage.
  • Neglecting to protect from sunlight: Regularly applying a protectant or conditioner helps protect the dashboard and trim from sun damage, preventing fading and cracking.

Tips for Preventing Damage to Dashboard and Trim

In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, consider the following tips to prevent damage to your Miata’s dashboard and trim:

  • Use sunshades or window tinting: These measures can significantly reduce the amount of direct sunlight reaching the interior, minimizing the risk of sun damage.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals: Certain chemicals, such as ammonia-based cleaners, can cause discoloration or damage to the materials. Stick to mild soap or dedicated interior cleaners.
  • Keep sharp objects away: Be cautious with sharp objects or accessories that may scratch or dent the dashboard and trim surfaces.
  • Regularly dust and vacuum: Routinely remove dust and debris from the interior to prevent buildup and minimize the need for intensive cleaning.


Proper care and maintenance of your Mazda Miata’s dashboard and trim are essential for preserving their appearance and ensuring a pleasant driving experience. By following the step-by-step guide and incorporating preventive measures, you can keep your dashboard and trim clean, protected, and free from damage. Remember, regular cleaning and protection are key to maintaining the beauty and value of your Miata’s interior.

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  1. How often should I clean my Miata’s dashboard and trim? It is recommended to clean the dashboard and trim every few weeks to remove dust and debris. However, the frequency may vary depending on usage and environmental conditions.
  2. Can I use household cleaners on my Miata’s dashboard? It is best to avoid using household cleaners, as they may contain harsh chemicals that can damage the materials. Stick to mild soap or dedicated interior cleaners specifically designed for automotive use.
  3. Can I use silicone-based protectants on my dashboard and trim? Silicone-based protectants can leave a greasy residue and may attract dust and dirt. Use water-based protectants or conditioners for a clean and non-greasy finish.
  4. How do I remove stubborn stains from my dashboard and trim? For stubborn stains, use a soft bristle brush or a cloth dampened with a mild cleaning solution. Gently scrub the stained area, being careful not to damage the surfaces.
  5. Are there any specific products recommended for cleaning Miata dashboard and trim? There are various automotive interior cleaners and protectants available in the market. Look for reputable brands that are suitable for use on different types of surfaces, including vinyl, plastic, and leather.

Remember to regularly clean and protect your Miata’s dashboard and trim to maintain their appearance and longevity. Follow the guidelines provided and take preventive measures to enjoy a clean and well-maintained interior in your Mazda Miata.

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