Mazda MX-5 Superlight Concept Frankfurt 2009

For many drivers, the equipment and interior of the car coming standard off the factory floor, are more than enough, and most of the time, the only thing that they might change is adding an extra phone holder.

These guys however can usually be seen behind the wheel of a Mazda Sedan, Hatchback or even a Crossover.

However, there is a different breed of people who love driving a car with the Mazda emblem on it, but are not interested at all in Crossovers or SUVs. These guys are interested in lightweight, superb vehicle dynamics and most importantly, fun behind the wheel.

For most of us car enthusiasts, there are numerous ways to make a vehicle our own.

It usually starts with something smaller like a new set of rims, for the car to look and handle better, however very often it brings more and more stuff that might be changed in order for the car to look and perform even better.

Today, however, we are not going to focus on the exterior, instead we will bring you a few items that will spark up the interior of your roadster, and help you make it your own.

These things at times can be as small as a shift knob however, every time you grab a gear it will remind you that this is your Miata, this is not anybody else’s car, this is the car that you love and drive and it is better and more valuable to you, because you have personalized it.

Some interior changes might include weight reduction to go along with the great looks just like these carbon door handles for the NC, it may seem like a small reduction, but let’s face it, this is a car that has been through a systematic weight reduction from the blueprint and there are no heavy parts left, so everything counts.

Even if you own the NA / MK1 MX-5, we are proud to offer you a huge variety of interior upgrades like the gorgeous brushed stainless heater panel plate which we think looks great along with the Aluminum knobs for the heater and A/C.

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So no matter the production model, we have everybody covered, be it the NA model, the NB, NC, or even the newer ND, you can rest assured that you are in the right spot when it comes to making the interior space your own.

Bottom line, nearly every time you are enjoying your Miata the way it was meant to be enjoyed, you are sitting in it feasting your eyes on the latest interior upgrades.

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  1. If our interest isn't adding to but maintaining the interior, it would be good to get info on leather upkeep. My black seats are discoloured and the steering wheel needs love too. Can Topmiata do some comparisons to find the best 3 for colouring and rejuvenation?

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